Ivory Coast: Atlantic life insurance « offer » « Retirement Health Savings » for people of the third age

Atlantic Life Insurance, a subsidiary of the Banque Centrale Populaire Group (BCP), conducted on Thursday, July 4th in Abidjan, the launch of a new product exclusively intended for seniors.

« SAVINGS HEALTH RETIREMENT ». This is the new product that Atlantique Assurance Vie, a subsidiary of the Banque Centrale Populaire (BCP) group, offers to seniors in Côte d’Ivoire. So that this segment of the population whose number has been multiplied by 2.6 in 23 years can now live retirement with access to quality care. Since July 4, 2019, the elderly and specifically retirees, who live for the most part in « social oblivion » and whose daily lives rhyme with precariousness and health concerns, thus weakening longevity capital, can push a phew! Thanks to a savings offer designed to help subscribers to better live the end of their professional activity, by guaranteeing them a lifetime health insurance, upon retirement. Indeed, once retired, most people have great difficulty to maintain good health, the majority of companies do not offer complementary health. Faced with this problem of excluding retirees from the hedging system, Atlantique Assurance Vie is setting up « EPARGNE HEALTH RETIREMENT ». It is a savings solution offered to people in activity, whose final protection provides health coverage for life, from retirement.

Through this product which is an innovation in Côte d’Ivoire in terms of health insurance, Altantique Assurance offers employees of the private sector, civil servants as well as persons practicing a liberal profession, an opportunity to significantly improve their living conditions. life with adequate health care upon retirement.

« EPARGNE HEALTH RETIREMENT » offers the performance of a health insurance, underwriting simplified with a set of customized parameters, modifiable according to the needs and situation of the member. Thus the latter has the possibility of choosing the capital of health coverage; the periodicity and duration of payment of contributions; the amount of contributions.

Lifetime health coverage, personalized premiums and an inclusive death benefit are the best guarantees of the place under the new Atlantic life insurance product. Ms. Estelle TRAORE, General Manager of Atlantique Life Insurance has also reassured about the perfect match of the new product with a demand driven by the realities of life of the Ivorian population. And according to Mr. Habib KONE, General Manager of Atlantic Business International, holding company of the BCP group. « Beyond the innovative nature, the » SAVING HEALTH SAVINGS « offer is a powerful lever of development and loyalty for Atlantique Assurance Vie because it goes beyond the expectations of the targeted target ». Since up to 80% of the premium accumulation is paid to the designated beneficiaries in the event of the death of the insured person before the end of the contribution period provided for in the contract.

Mireille Patricia Abié


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