Senegal: Tamweel Africa Holding Group and BIS subsidiary launch Tamweel Touch mobile app

The Islamic Bank of Senegal (BIS) has pledged full entry into the digital world and is in tune with the demands of the market. With this in mind, BIS proceeded, Friday, July 12, the official launch of its new mobile application called “Tamweel Touch”. The initiative aims essentially to bring the bank closer to its customers, but also to enable them to carry out transactions in real time (24/7).

For the general director of the BIS, Oumar Mbodj, “the mobile version also makes it possible to pay bills, to buy telephone credits and to carry out operations of transfers of bank account on all the countries of the UEMOA”

Bringing technical information on this application, the director of IT, Ousmane Ndiaye said that the application can digitize the journey of the customer. “We have access to almost all banking services via a mobile application. Customers will now be able to operate 24 hours a day. And in addition. this will consolidate the mobile account. ” And Mr. Ndiaye continue: “today, the customer will no longer need a money account, it will simply need the application Tanweel Touch to be able to do banking and be in touch with the bank. The customer can also do all that is money transfer and bill payment and purchase of telephone credit.

BIS is one of the major banks in the Senegalese banking landscape with a total balance sheet close to 360 billion FCFA. The institution contributes to the financing of the economy (credit to the economy of more than 300 billion). The annual growth rate of all these aggregates is estimated at 15%. The bank has solid fundamentals that meet all the conditions of the ratios required by the BCEAO.

BIS is a member of the Tamweel Africa Holding Group, a subsidiary of the Islamic Society for Private Sector Development (ICD), a specialized institution of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB). With a capital of 29 billion 579 million, Tamweel Africa Holding’s mission is to make Islamic Finance a factor of socio-economic development through a network of performing Islamic banks: the Islamic Bank of Senegal, the Islamic Bank of Niger, the Islamic Bank of Guinea and the Islamic Bank of Mauritania. The launch of this new application is part of the Tamweel Group’s digital strategy, which aims to diversify the distribution channels of its subsidiaries and support them in offering customized products and services to the tastes and needs of customers.


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