Paris: The bottom of the meeting Macron Ouattara

Alassane Ouattara and Emmnanuel Macron rather for an Eco with fixed parity with the Euro.

The Ivorian head of state was quickly received in Paris by his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron the day after his participation in the summit of the African Union of Niamey (7 and 9 July 2019).

Contrary to his habits, Alassane Ouattara did not spend more than 48 hours in Paris. The Ivorian head of state quickly returned to Abidjan where he had emergency files to evacuate and, in his agenda, the reception of two heads of state of the region, namely Mahamadou Issouffou of Niger and Roch Marc Christian Kaboré from Burkina Faso. Because, according to our sources, Emmanuel Macron has sent several messages to Ouattara for him to transmit to his peers in the WAEMU and ECOWAS zone.
These messages revolve around the creation of the eco, the new common currency of the ECOWAS zone, security aspects and democratic governance.

Regarding the last point on democratic governance, Alassane Ouattara, faced with the caution of Paris, entrusted and reaffirmed to the young tenant of the Elysee Palace his decision not to run for another term as head of the Côte d ‘ Ivory.

President Macron, according to our sources close to the Elysee Palace, encouraged his Ivorian counterpart to create the conditions for a democratic and smooth electoral competition. And use all its resources to lay the groundwork for dialogue with other political forces.
In the same vein, the two heads of state were very concerned about political stability in the region. Emmanuel Macron also expressed his concerns about the draft amendment to the constitution in Guinea to allow Alpha Condé to seek a third term. Alassane Ouattara was cautious on this delicate subject because his French counterpart, who was preparing a meeting with the African diasporas on the theme of his African policy, seems to be breaking with the complacency and the policy of neither interference nor indifference so dear to his predecessors.
The door of France-Africa is not totally closed even if the new actors in Paris no longer address the African question as in the time of Jacques Foccart. The pragmatism of Macron, president who knew how to make connections with the African youth, especially on social networks, is not satisfied only with the reports of officials of the Quai d’Orsay and services.
For sure, things are moving forward but not in the direction of supporters of the system.



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