Asoko Insight and Africa Capital Digest Launch Deal History Data Product to Africa focused Investors

Asoko Insight and Africa Capital Digest, two leading business-to-business information providers, today launched Deal History – a comprehensive, instantly available data-set of historical Private Equity transactions in Africa since 2015.

Dealmakers involved in financing Africa’s privately-held companies can purchase the entire dataset or isolated data based on characteristics meaningful to their fund or commercial due diligence. Deal History datasets includes information on buy-side and sell-side stakeholders in private equity deals, ticket sizes as well as other deal specifications and details on the intermediaries involved in executing the transactions.

“Up until now, access to comprehensive deal history on the continent has been limited, making transactional comparisons difficult to analyse,” says Asoko Chief Innovation Officer Obi Ejimofo. “Our Deal History product changes that for investors and advisors in a game-changing way. Our data-driven solutions can now help users cut their costs along the entire investment research cycle, from initial industry scanning right through to deal origination and due diligence and focus on what matters most, dealmaking.”

Allan Cunningham, Founder & CEO of Africa Capital Digest comments, “This collaboration provides Africa-focused private equity investors with a unique data and information tool with which to evaluate and monitor deal activity and opportunities on the continent. Linking Asoko Insight’s innovative platform and taxonomy with the breadth and depth of Africa Capital Digest’s deal content make for a winning combination.”

Deal History data is part of a new suite of Investment Research product modules released by Asoko Insight. Both organisations anticipate the partnership will lead to the co-development of additional private equity-related digital media and information products. By tracking and analysing Africa Capital Digest’s exclusive market coverage and leveraging the functionality of Asoko’s technology platform, there will be opportunities to offer additional regular and ad hoc market-driven private equity data and content products to customers. These will appear across Africa Capital Digest’s digital channels as well as Asoko Insight’s digital platform.


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