FINACTU supports CIPRES in setting up the African Investment Fund

The FIA ​​Steering Committee (COPIL-FIA) held a meeting on 2 July to select the AIF management team, following an international selection process. More than 100 applications from 20 countries have been received by FINACTU.

At the end of the works, a short list of 6 candidates interviewed by COPIL-FIA at FINACTU headquarters in Casablanca on July 2nd and 3rd was selected by Michael PAGE.

The Project Director and Deputy Director will be appointed soon.

It should be noted that the Interafrican Conference on Social Welfare (CIPRES) and the FINACTU Group have been collaborating since 2018 on a project to provide Member States with a pan-African investment structure to which they can entrust some of their reserves.
The operational launch of the AIF is scheduled for the beginning of the year 2020.

FINACTU is a consulting group dedicated to Africa, specialized in strategic and operational consulting and in corporate finance.


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