Pako Tshiamala to speak on how to find financing for drinking water, energy and health projects in Congo on June 15, 2019

Pako Tshiamala, Regional Consultant at Grands Défis Canada

Congo Business Network is planning an online session on June 15, 2019 on Cisco WebEx from 5 pm to 7 pm Kinshasa time. The theme of this discussion is: How to find financing for drinking water, energy or health projects in the DRC?

The objective of this session is to allow Pako Tshiamala to educate and inform participants on what they need to do to find funding for drinking water, energy or health projects from $250,000 to $1,000,000 in the Democratic Republic of Congo from Grands Défis Canada, a Canadian investment fund.

According to the program, Pako Tshiamala, Regional Consultant at Grands Défis Canada, will provide the necessary information to participants and then answer questions in order to help entrepreneurs obtain financing for innovative projects.

This online session has three objectives: connect the diaspora to entrepreneurs in Africa; share knowledge and expertise in an economic sector; and create real-time video networking opportunities on Cisco WebEx among participants.

The planning of this session is made possible by LinkedIn Events, a new digital system for organizing professional events. Congo Business Network obtained exclusive access to this very advanced technology despite its accessibility until now still limited to very few entrepreneurs in San Francisco and New York.

Congo Business Network is an international network of Congolese professionals and entrepreneurs. The organization is led by Noel K. Tshiani, president of Agere Global, an investment and business strategy firm based in New York. Among start-ups that will participate in this session are MaxiCash, Mwinda Technologies, and Wapiyeah.

MaxiCash helps individuals and companies to send and receive payments abroad and in Africa in a fast, easy and transparent way. Mwinda Technologies is a startup that works to make reliable and affordable electricity accessible to all by using clean technology solutions (CleanTech) and works to create credit risk scores based on financial technology solutions (FinTech) in order to make affordable financial services available to all.


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