Senegal: Senelec to a new boss

Senegal’s national electricity company (SENELEC) has a new director general (DG). It is Pope Demba Bitteye, previously permanent secretary for energy at the level of the Ministry of Energy and Renewable Energy Development.

This decision was taken on Wednesday, April 24, at the end of the cabinet. The now new DG replaces the position Makhtar Cissé at the helm of the company since July 2015.

The latter has carried high the torches of the Senelec with remarkable performances. In 2016, the company signals for the first time go green. The company records a profit up 150% to 30 billion CFA francs.

In this dynamic, the new promoted will have the heavy burden of perpetuating the work of the “maestro” but also to put the company in orbit in Fast-track mode.

A scheme defined in the second phase of the Plan Sénégal Émergent (PSE), which is based on 2,850 billion F CFA to accelerate the pace.

Since 2012, the company knew 3 directors namely Pape Dieng, current general manager of Sonacos then Makhtar Cisse, new Minister of Energy and Oil. And finally, Pope Demba Bitteye, the new CEO of Senelec.


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