BGFIBank Gabon reiterates its total confidence in Gabonese justice

Following the publication of a previous press release on Monday, April 1st, BGFIBank Gabon is once again reassuring its customers, as well as the public, of its scrupulous respect for the accounting procedures and rules governing the management of its clients’ accounts. .

Attached to the respect of the law and the procedure, BGFIBank Gabon reiterates its total confidence in the Gabonese Justice. It is indeed in the courtrooms and not in the media that must be emptied litigation.

Attempting to witness public opinion by multiplying media outlets can be likened to a form of excitement. However, serene as to the outcome of the ongoing legal proceedings, BGFIBank Gabon relies, as it has always done, the decision of Justice.

BGFIBank Gabon thanks its kind customers for its loyalty and trust and assures it of its hard efforts to offer them the best services.


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