Cameroon: Social Security Fund at Huawei Digital Inclusion School

An agreement links the Chinese digital technology giant to the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) allowing this public company to improve its services, especially to retirees.

In late February, technology giants found themselves in Barcelona, ​​Spain, as part of the mobile show. Opportunity for the Chinese firm Huawei to launch a plea for digital inclusion, especially in the countries of the South, still lagging behind. Huawei Vice President Ken Hu unveiled a new digital inclusion initiative, Tech4ALL, a project to help 500 million more people around the world benefit directly from digital technology next five years.

According to this boss of the Chinese technology giant, « while much of the telecommunications sector is focused on next generation technologies such as 5G and artificial intelligence, we can not forget that there is still many people excluded from the digital world. And for good reason, more than « 3.8 billion people are offline and another billion without mobile broadband coverage, » said Huawei’s vice president.

It is in this context that the agreement signed between Huawei and the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) should be located. According to the director general of this public company, Noël Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akam, the National Social Welfare Fund has with Huawei a vast program of modernization and upgrading of information systems. The reason being that « we manage large databases in terms of social security, pensioners, active workers, children receiving social benefits. It is necessary to manage all this through Cameroon by an efficient information system « .

For the first one, CNPS has built the Disaster Recovry Center in Yaounde « which allows us to manage in real time the system we are managing at the moment in the event of an incident, without interruption ». In a second time, this company has just launched the construction of a mini-Data Center in Douala which will also be a form of replication of the current system. This will allow the company in charge of social security in the country, to have three management sites to manage the entire network of the CNPS disseminated in thirty cities in Cameroon. All for a global investment of about CFAF 3.5 billion, « ten times less than what others propose with less efficiency, » he said.


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