African Scholarship Office visits AfDB

Dr. AMENOUNVE and Mr. Karim HAJJI.

Mr. Karim HAJJI, President of the Association of African Stock Exchanges (ASEA) and General Manager of the Casablanca Stock Exchange and the Vice-President of the Association, Dr. Edoh Kossi AMENOUNVE, Director General of the BRVM, made a working visit , January 09, 2019 at the Bank
African Development Bank (ADB) in Abidjan.

This visit is part of the actions to be undertaken for the launch of the African Exchanges Linkage Project (AELP). The AELP project is a joint initiative of ASEA and AfDB to connect African exchanges to facilitate cross-border trading and securities settlement / delivery.
This project currently includes six (6) scholarships namely:
i. Johannesburg Stock Exchange;
ii. The Nigerian Stock Exchange;
iii. Casablanca Stock Exchange;
iv. The Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM);
v. Nairobi Stock Exchange;
vi. The Mauritius Stock Exchange.
On the sidelines of this visit, the President of ASEA seized the opportunity to have a working session with the Vice-President on the preparation of the next meeting of the Executive Committee of the Association which should validate the roadmap of their office for the next two years.
This roadmap aims to strengthen the actions of advocacy of the stock exchanges with the political and economic authorities, to continue the actions of training of the actors of the African stock exchanges and finally to develop measures making it possible to increase the liquidity of the markets.

About the African Stock Exchanges Association (ASEA)

The Association of African Stock Exchanges (ASEA) has 25 stock exchanges. It aims to develop exchanges between its members, improve the international competitiveness of its members and provide a platform for networking and exchange of information.

Established in 1993, ASEA works to develop the potential of African capital markets. His vision is to enable Africa’s stock exchanges to be key players in the transformation
economic and social development of Africa by 2025.
ASEA provides a forum for communication, information exchange, cooperation and technical assistance among its members to facilitate the process of financial integration for mobilization
capital to accelerate Africa’s economic development.
ASEA is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya.


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