Hilton Launches Big Five to Promote Sustainable Tourism in Africa

The Hilton Group announced on Wednesday, October 3, an initial investment of $ 1 million to promote sustainable travel and tourism in Africa.

According to a statement to this effect, the envelope will allow the company to focus on its five key areas called « Big Five ». This will include investing in training and apprenticeship programs, expanding existing partnerships and creating new alliances to help Hilton achieve its goal of 50% reduction in water use, and launching 20 water projects in at-risk communities by 2030.

The company will also invest in the provision of training and audit services to reduce human trafficking, alongside local NGOs, to address the social challenges of communities. She also cited the creation of partnerships to build the capacity of local entrepreneurs and, finally, the promotion of responsible tourism, in line with the WTTC Declaration of Buenos Aires on Travel, Tourism and the Illegal Trade in Animals. wild.

The announcement follows the recent launch of Hilton’s Travel with Purpose 2030 goals of doubling the company’s social investments and halving its environmental footprint globally, the statement said. And to continue that the Hilton Big Five will need to consolidate « existing initiatives and partnerships to increase the impact of society and inspire positive social and environmental change across the value chain. »

As a reminder, Hilton’s 41 operational hotels in Africa have completed 460 volunteer projects since 2012 to support their communities and manage their environmental impact.


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