Alpha Condé choleric: « What is the African country that took off …? » (Decryption)

Alpha Condé trapped in his favorite exercise.

Faced with the heavy fire of the French journalists who interviewed him for a long time in the festivities of the 2nd of October, the anniversary of the independence of Guinea, obtained 60 years ago, Alpha Condé loses his countenance to the first question: « what is the African country that has not taken off? « . The strong man of Conakry seems all along the interview to look for a person responsible for the current difficulties of his country. Decryption.

« You say that Guinea has not taken off, what is the African country that took off …? « As if his own responsibility can be diluted in the collective sinking of the black continent. This is the answer of Professor Alpha Condé to the pugnacity of TV5’s journalist. On the question of migration, the Guinean president is equally categorical. In essence, he says, to better highlight his role as « Mr. Energy » of the African Union: « We want energy to transform agricultural products and give work to children. » And to add: « We are fighting for energy ».

Then comes a new big anger on the issue of families who pay 5 to 10 000 euros per smuggler to send their children to Europe. « It’s up to the people of Guinea to answer, it’s not up to you … » says Alpha Condé.

On the question of the balance sheet, the professor draws once more: « It is the people of Guinea to judge », saying that it does not understand French and that, without complex, « he addresses himself to his people in his language « .

Hence this question: to whom does the Guinean head of state address in this interview if it is not to the Guinean people? And this second question: « since when is not French the official language of Guinea ».

Lost in contradictions, the Guinean president told reporters: « here you have hotels like Paris », without suspecting that these palaces are out of reach of Guineans. Inviting confreres to appreciate his record since coming to power in 2011, Alpha Condé is rather satisfied with his « achievements ».

But, at the end of this interview conducted on the tone of anger and emotion, President Condé presents a rather disconcerting image of Guinea, the first French-speaking African country south of the Sahara to have, it is true , got its independence. It was in 1958 and since one has the impression, that this country, confronted with enormous challenges, is not ready to get rid of its nickname of « geological scandal ».


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