Niger: abolished in 2018, the tax on international calls sign its return

Niger reinstates, as of 2019, the tax on international calls suppressed in recent months, according to the draft budget adopted by the executive.

This is a response from the government, whose Minister of Finance, Hassoumi Massoudou, notes that the commitments to which the telephone companies “have subscribed, have not been fully honored.” In particular, they pledged in 2018 to make investments to improve the coverage and quality of their services.

Estimated between 50 and 88 F CFA per minute of communication on incoming international calls, this tax had brought about 20 billion to the Nigerian state. Its suppression was condemned by the opposition, which found there “an unjustified tax gift”.
Niger’s telecommunications market consists of four (4) operators licensed to establish and operate telecommunications networks and services open to the public.


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