Guinea: GI Cement will double its annual production

Planned since July 2018, G’I Cement, the cement subsidiary of the Guinean G’I industry, announced this Saturday, September 29, 2018, the official start of operations to increase its annual production from 700 thousand to one million 400 thousand tons a year, six months after the start of works to expand its production capacity.

While Guinean demand is one million seven hundred thousand tons (1,700,000 t), the production capacity of the four factories in the country is two million tonnes (2,000,000 t), which leaves a margin very low security against the shortage. So, the challenge for Guinean cement companies is real: not only is it to fill the demand and to face potential shortages stemming from both endogenous and exogenous factors but also to anticipate future supply. .

The country has opened investments in the mining sector, several megaprojects are in the development phase, road and energy infrastructure are not left out.


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