Mauritania: soon a fourth telephone operator

Mauritania’s telephony market is expected to be enriched by a fourth operator by the end of 2018, sources close to telecommunications services said on Thursday (September 27th).
Indeed, a group of Mauritanian businessmen is ready to mobilize the necessary capital for the acquisition of this new mobile operator.

For the moment no call for tenders has been launched. But investors plan to commission the next network after performing the technical and administrative procedures.
A challenge that will not be an easy task considering the complexity of the telecommunications sector in Mauritania.

For several years, the 3 traditional operators (Mauritel, Mattel, Chinguitel) are often in the sights of the regulatory authority (ARE) for “poor quality of service”. According to its statistics of 2018, the three companies are based on a slate of 42.5 million ouguiyas N-UM.
It should be remembered that Mauritel is 51% owned by the Maroc Telecom Group, 46% by the Mauritanian State and 3% by the employees. For its part, Mattel is 51% controlled by Tunisie Telecom and 49% by private Mauritanians, while Chinguitel, a subsidiary of Sudatel, is with Sudanese and Mauritanian capital.


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