Senegal: a new organization at the National Bank for Economic Development (BNDE)

Babacar Thiaba NDIAYE Deputy Chief Operating Officer, here on the left, alongside Papa Souleymane Chimère DIAW Deputy General Manager Support.

Since the start of its activities in 2014, the National Bank for Economic Development (BNDE) has been able to adapt its strategy to the needs of its core SME / SMI target and market developments.

BNDE is currently in a growth dynamic characterized by actions to consolidate its strategy of supporting emerging SMEs and SMIs, in line with its « Business Plan » 2017-2021, characterized by its new vision for 2021 : « To be an innovative, efficient, accessible bank, privileged partner of SME-SMI for the economic development of Senegal ».

BNDE has also led important internal projects to align with the new regulations (Basel 2 and Basel 3) and to bring its activities in line with the new texts of the Central Bank of the States of West Africa (BCEAO).

The setting up of a new organization has been submitted to the Board of Directors for approval. Following this approval, the BNDE has since September 3, 2018, a new organization chart structured around two Deputy General Directorates who depend on the General Management. For this purpose, the two main appointments are:


Papa Souleymane Chimère DIAW as Deputy General Manager Support.
Babacar Thiaba NDIAYE as Deputy Chief Operating Officer.
Papa Souleymane Chimère DIAW is a bank executive who capitalizes on 20 years of experience including 16 years in the banking sector. With an internal audit trail starring different experiences gained especially in team management, mergers of banking institutions and the implementation of structuring projects in demanding and multicultural environments, Mr. DIAW decided in August 2013 to join the challenge of setting up the National Bank for Economic Development. From his role as Director of Internal Audit and Compliance and in interaction with the Bank’s governance bodies, he took part in the work that led to BNDE’s launch in January 2014. In May 2017, the deliberative and executive express their confidence in conferring on him the responsibility of the General Secretariat of the bank. Fifteen months after his appointment as Secretary General, Mr. DIAW is appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of BNDE.

Babacar Thiaba NDIAYE is a bank executive who has over 17 years of experience in the banking sector. Mr. NDIAYE has consolidated his expertise in the management of the Bank / Client relationship, particularly on the corporate clientele within major banking groups. In October 2013, Mr. NDIAYE is recruited by the National Bank for Economic Development (BNDE) as Director of Operations. He heads BNDE’s sales team of Senegalese executives, most of whom have their classes at the various institutions of the place. Mr. Ndiaye has made his contribution since BNDE was launched, particularly in the implementation of a strategy adapted to the Bank’s core SME / SMI target. Mr. Babacar Thiaba Ndiaye is appointed Deputy Chief Operating Officer of BNDE.


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