Professionalisation of the WAEMU regional financial market: the BRVM strengthens the negotiators’ capacities

On the initiative of the Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM), a training workshop for Capital Market Managers and Traders of Management and Intermediation Societies (SGI) of UEMOA, was held in Abidjan from July 23 to 24, 2018.

The objectives of the BRVM in organizing this workshop on good practices in securities trading and the use of the BRVM’s trading software, are to revisit the basics of the trade of the negotiators, to strengthen their capacities and to open avenues for reflection on topics of common interest for the development of the market.

Indeed, the issue of the professionalisation of the different trades exercised on the WAEMU regional financial market is a major stake to reinforce its credibility as well as investor confidence. Negotiators who are responsible for executing client orders are a particular class of agents whose competence, probity, efficiency, sense of fairness and transparency
are essential to reassure investors. This is why the trade of negotiator has always been the subject of much attention on stock exchanges.

Mr. Edoh Kossi AMENOUNVE, Director General of the BRVM and DC / BR, setting the context for the workshop, said that « we are witnessing a proliferation of
training initiatives and the creation of illegal investment and / or trading platforms that can confuse investor minds.
It is therefore necessary to better publicize the trade of negotiator which is exclusively reserved for stakeholders approved by CREPMF on the Regional Financial Market of

He also indicated that in order to comply with international standards for the exercise of professional activities in the markets, reflections are ongoing and will soon lead to the establishment of a certification program for the different trades of the stock exchange, which will strengthen the professionalism of the accredited stakeholders.

Forty participants from the various Management and Intermediation Societies (SGI) of the UEMOA countries expressed their satisfaction with the and the content of the training and expressed the wish to see this initiative from the BRVM continue.


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