Jo ‘burg hosts the second edition of the Summit on Promoting Pan-African Investments

Johannesburg, the capital of South Africa, is hosting from October 16-20, 2018, the second annual summit on the promotion of pan-African investments.

Called the Tropics Business Summit, this meeting will focus on the theme: “accelerating startups in emerging markets through financial partnerships for inclusive growth and sustainable development”.

A series of activities are announced over the five days, including conferences, corporate exhibitions, capacity building workshops, etc., according to a statement from the organization.

Note that the first edition of this summit was held in October 2017 in South Africa. It brings together more than 150 entrepreneurs, company directors, young innovators, political authorities, economic and financial decision-makers and academics from around the world every year.


Bridge between financiers and entrepreneurs

The TROPICS BUSINESS SUMMIT is a networked organization, which aims to bridge the gap between the global entrepreneurship community and all agents active in the development of new and small businesses. To participate, a platform is available to project leaders, startups, local or pan-African companies.

Launched in collaboration with PHI FINANCES SAS, an investment company specializing in the structural and financial support of African companies and startups, the call for applications is open until July 15, 2018. “Candidates can be, from now on , submitted via the online form and the eligibility form “, specify the organizers.


More than 100 million F CFA of financing

The selected start-ups will be accompanied for a minimum of 5 years, and financed from CFAF 100 million with or without equity participation. The sectors mainly concerned are, among others, agri-food, agribusiness, renewable energies, fashion, IT, transport, infrastructure, tourism, online media, finance, etc.

The call is intended for nationals of all countries of the African continent, and countries of sub-Saharan Africa in particular. The announcement of the results to the project leaders will be made during the event in Johannesburg.


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