Burkina Faso: German bank KFW supports the water sector

KFW, the German development bank, has signed with Burkina, a financing agreement of 4.6 billion CFA francs for water and sanitation sector budget support.

The signing of the agreement took place this Tuesday, June 26 in Ouagadougou between the Burkinabe Minister of Economy, Finance and Development, and Rosine Coulibaly, director of the office of the credit institution.

Granted in the form of a grant, this amount is part of the “General Framework for the Organization of Budget Support in Support of the Implementation of the PNDES” signed between the Government and the technical and financial partners, intervening in the form of budget support. sectoral or global.

It is also a sectoral support for the implementation of Burkina Faso’s water and sanitation sector policy for the 2018-2020 period.

The purpose of the contribution is to support the government in the implementation of the national water strategy and to contribute to the equitable and sustainable improvement of access to water, sanitation and water. hygiene of the population, especially in rural and peri-urban areas.

In addition, it will contribute to the objectives of the National Water Policy, the National Drinking Water Supply Program, the National Sewage Treatment Program and the Water and Sanitation Sector Governance Program.


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