Chad: World Bank Approves $ 41 Million Grant for Agriculture

The World Bank has approved a $ 41 million grant to the Chadian government through the International Development Association (IDA) to promote the adoption of technological innovations in the agricultural sector, sustainably boost productivity and strengthen climate resilience zones targeted in the country.

The Climate Resilient Productivity and Agriculture Improvement Project (ProPAD) will benefit some 360,000 people and prioritize smallholder farmers who cultivate 1 to 5 hectares of land each year. In addition to improving rural household food security and nutrition, the project aims to increase household incomes and help them market a larger share of their production.

“Although Chad has a total agricultural area of ​​more than 49 million hectares, only 6 percent is currently cultivated. In addition, only 9% of available water resources are used and less than 1% of agricultural land is irrigated, “said Soukeyna Kane, World Bank country director for Chad.

The project will be developed in the regions of Salamat, Moyen-Chari and Mandoul because they offer a high agricultural potential, while displaying rates of rural poverty and food insecurity very worrying.

“The project will be implemented in areas where nearly 1.5 million people live – more than 11% of the total population. The targeted regions are also characterized by high levels of poverty: 70.9% in Mandoul, 61.4% in Moyen-Chari and 48.4% in Salamat. In these communities, the average fertility rate is estimated at about 6.5 children per woman, “said François Nankobogo, Country Director for Chad at the World Bank.

World Bank Fund for the poorest countries, IDA is one of the largest sources of assistance for the 75 poorest countries in the world, including 39 in Africa.


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