Ivory Coast: more than 1,000 billion FCFA invested by France in the C2D

Côte d’Ivoire has a project portfolio of CFAF 1,151.25 billion (€ 1.75 billion) since 2012 under C2D, the deleveraging and development contract, the Ivorian government said on Wednesday. . It is a mechanism to reconvert French debt, which, once repaid, is reinvested in favor of development projects and programs.

The sectoral review of C2D projects held in early March noted that Abidjan has « honored all the repayment deadlines of its debt ».

The first C2D (2012-2015) focused on projects worth CFAF 413.25 billion, which are « mostly completed ». The second, which runs for the period 2015-2017 for 738 billion francs concerns « many large projects (which) are in the launching or start-up phase ».

Moreover, informs the government, a third C2D is in preparation for an envelope of nearly 749 billion FCFA and should close the C2D program whose overall amount is 1 900 billion FCFA, or about 2.9 billion euros.

As a reminder, the C2D is an additional debt relief mechanism in the wake of the HIPC Initiative, which Côte d’Ivoire reached the completion point in 2012. Different sectors benefit from this funding: education and training. employment, health, agriculture, rural development and the environment, urban development, water and sanitation, road infrastructure and justice.


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