Madagascar: AXIAN commissions two 76 MW thermal power plants

The Malagasy group Axian in collaboration with the oil distribution company, Jovena announced Friday, 12 January, the commissioning of two thermal power stations, with a cumulative capacity of 76 MW on the Electricity of Madagascar (EDM) network. .

Indeed, the authorities inaugurated a « Noor 1 » power plant with a power of 48 MW and another « Noor 2 » by 28 MW.

This project, which started in 2015, is in line with the Malagasy government’s energy mix policy, which aims to improve access to electricity in the country by reducing electricity production costs.

On this occasion, Hassanein Hiridjee, CEO of the Axian group said, « since 150 years, its structure in partnership with the State and some private investors are working for the development, diversification and strengthening of the Malagasy electric park. »

« Madagascar’s energy revolution is just beginning, » he says

Before informing that « the Volobe hydroelectric power plant, located in the Tamatave region, will allow Axian to implement 2022 horizon its vision of green energy accessible to all, thanks to its power 120MW » .

Note that Axian is a Franco-Malagasy family group belonging to the Hiridjee family, established in Madagascar since 150 years. The establishment presented a turnover of 660 million dollars in revenue in 2015, 800 million dollars investment for ten years and more than 4000 employees in the Indian Ocean.


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