Code Sharing Agreement between South African Airways (SAA) and Angola Airlines (TAAG)

The South African Airways (SAA) announced Friday, 13 January 2017, have signed with the airline company Angola Airlines (TAAG) a code-share agreement.

The agreement, which comes into effect this Monday 15 January 2018 will see code sharing between SAA and TAAG on their direct services between Johannesburg and Luanda and between Cape Town and Luanda.

In return, Angola Airlines will share codes with SAA on its direct services between Johannesburg and Luanda, and will include Johannesburg and Harare, Johannesburg and Lusaka, and Johannesburg and Hong Kong in the near future.

According to SAA, agreements between airlines facilitate the movement of customers who travel with more than one airline to reach their destinations, while airlines save on operating costs.

A codesharing agreement allows SAA to offer South African Airways flights on flights operated by TAAG, and in turn, TAAG may offer flights with its DT code on flights operated by SAA.

The agreement is part of SAA’s five-year corporate plan to achieve and maintain financial sustainability as quickly as possible.

SAA Alliance’s strategy supports the network strategy by strengthening its position in sub-Saharan Africa, through the formation of new partnerships, such as this one.

As a reminder, SAA is the leading carrier in Africa, serving 56 destinations, in partnership with South Africa Express, Airlink and its low-cost carrier, Mango, in South Africa and across the continent, and nine intercontinental routes from its Johannesburg hub. SAA is a member of the largest international airline network called Star Alliance.

TAAG Angola Airlines is the Angolan flagship carrier wholly owned by the Angolan government. The carrier’s network includes 12 domestic points in Angola served from the capital Luanda, as well as international flights to Johannesburg, Brazzaville, Havana, Kinshasa, Lisbon, Lusaka, Maputo, Porto, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Cape Town and Sao Tome.


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